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This website features our growing catalog of personalized equine keepsakes, gifts, awards, etc., mostly made from your photos. Many can be easily ordered online by clicking the ORDER NOW button next to the product, which will take you to one of our sister websites with completely automated online ordering, and where additional product info is also readily available. Or you’re welcome to simply click a product icon here, launching in most cases a downloadable PDF flyer with product specs, pricing and pics.

We strongly recommend you visit our two other sites, with UpLoadYourHorsePhotos.com not only offering automated online ordering but specially designed and discounted group/team/show products as well, and (soon to be launched) PetLoverPrints.com focusing on non-equine subjects but kindly note: you don’t have to change sites to order products featuring your pets, kids, people, sports, cars or other non-equine subjects. We’ll gladly handle all of your needs here.

The launching of our pet site, by the way, was prompted in part by the editors of Cat Fancy Magazine choosing three of our products in just two years (one in 2012, two in 2013) for their annual holiday gift guide while since 2010 one or another of our products has been included in the holiday gift guide or similar editorial coverage of seven major horse magazines: Equus, Practical Horseman, Horse Illustrated, Dressage Today, Equine Journal, Western Horseman and Young Rider.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or to place your order, at 1-877-N1-Horse (1-877-614-6773), info@EquinePrints.com, or Contact Us. You’re also welcome to forward any photos you’d like us to review pre-order (or otherwise) by email or via Custom Quote.


‘Stocking Stuffer’ 2-Packs and 4-Packs
$34.95 & Up

Other Gifts Under $50
$14.95 & Up

Gift Certificates
$25.00 & Up

3 of these products have been selected for the 2012 holiday gift guides or similar editorial coverage in the following 6 major horse magazines: Dressage Today, Equine Journal, Equus, Horse Illustrated, Practical Horseman and Young Rider. 3 of our products have also been chosen for the 2012 holiday gift guides of the 2 leading youth riding publications: Young Rider and Blaze Magazine.


Barn Signs
$9.95 & Up


Keepsake and Music Boxes
$30.00 & Up

Throws, Totes and Pillows
$60 & Up

While the editors of Cat Fancy Magazine chose our personalized Tree Ornaments for their 2012 holiday gift guide, in 2013 they’re slated to include items from two of our product lines–our Keepsake and Music Boxes, and our Throws, Totes and Pillows. Look for these keepsakes plus a lot more on our soon-to-be-launched new website, PetLoverPrints.com.


Award Boxes
$18.00 & Up



Matching Barn Sets
Priced by Set

Combine Nameplates
Priced by Plates
24/7 Outdoor Nameplates
12.5”x5” &12.5”x10”
$24.95 & Up

For more info on our nameplates, you’re welcome to visit our old website: click here



More ‘Bonus’ Items


Letter/Background Designs

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